Losing a Child: A mother’s response

This week, my Internet time has been spent mainly googling and reading about Hwa Yi Jien, a friend from church. We used to play together a bit in church as kids!

Today marks Day 11 in the search for this missing man in Montana’s Glacier Park. He started his hike on 11 Aug and was due to be back on the 18th. You can read more here.

Although I’ve been reading the news with much pain and sadness throughout the week, today’s read was kind of encouraging. Not because there’s signs of finding Yi Jien – in fact, the search has been scaled down. far. But instead, I’m encouraged by Yi Jien’s mum, Aunty Kim Guat – someone I really respected even from Sunday School days!

Even in the midst of all these, she seems to be the one encouraging those around her, rather than the one in need of encouragement. About 6 years ago, I saw the same strength in her at her husband’s funeral. Rev Hwa Chien was involved in an accident, right before her eyes. Yet, at the funeral, she seems to be the one comforting those close to her family.

You may think she’s hiding her emotions. I doubt it. She’s always been the firm, yet loving lady who entirely puts her trust and life before God. A woman who commanded respect from her peers, the elders, as well as the young ones.

Her letter to some in Malaysia is published in some blogs. You can read them here:

– Aunty Kim Guat’s (mum) mails: On the Shoulders of Giants

– Siu Yin’s (wife) mail: Old Testament Passion

– Other Updates: Life Letters. , RMKI

Reading Aunty Kim Guat’s mail makes me think of me as a mother-to-be. I’m not so sure I’d be responding the way she is. At the risk of losing her child, yet her focus is on encouraging her daughter-in-law and on God. A great mother, indeed!

I can only pray my walk with God comes to that point where I can truly say to Him “Let your will be done” and fully trust in his sovereignty.

Some say to me, they don’t know how to pray, considering Yi Jien went on a solo hike when it was not encouraged to do so. Well, does it warrant any less prayers? Who are we to judge how much prayers are needed? If so then, why pray for Malaysia, considering the many silly decisions our leaders have made?

I’m not sure how many of us then would survive til this day if my God judges our decisions before deciding if he wants to ‘save’ us. Well, I know I wouldn’t survive this long! =)

So pray along that this young man be found.

Yi Jien,

Tho I remember you as a pain during our childhood (when boys are yucky) =) but from the many blogs I’ve read, you definitely have grown beyond the boy I knew you as. And I pray for your speedy return and an amazing experience with God in this time of trial.


Almost into the 3rd trimester now

Well, I’m at 26 weeks and 5 days to be exact…

Another check up yesterday. All’s normal, as usual. Except doc commented baby’s head is a little big! (hhmmpph!)

Sugar & protein level is all ok

Did another 4D scan, in hopes to get a pic of baby’s face. She was facing up this time. Unfortunately she had her hands covering one eye.. so can’t really see.

BUT we did see:

– her movements! (active little one!)

– her other eye & eye brow!

– her nose & NOSTRILS!

– her lips

– & the little girl yawning!! *so cute!*

So no pictures, this month!

Asked the doc if it’s safe for me to travel overseas. Well, he obviously ain’t keen with that idea. Basically he doesnt like the idea that I can’t find a doc should anything happen. His advice? ‘Dump the baby with your parents after delivery and holiday then!’ =)

So, we’ll prob look at a local holiday. Looks like it’s gonna be sitiawan or pangkor! (not that i’m complaining..)

Nothing much for this month. Other than the irritating backache each time i’m at office. I managed a 7 hours walk & 4 hours walk on 2 consecutive days with NO pain! But after 4 hours in office, the back acted up! Argh..

My weight gain: 2 kgs. Gotta cut down on nasi lemaks! =)

Next visit : End Sept.

Sneak Peek into the Womb

Here are some pics from the detailed scan! =)

look out for the arrows!

Her right leg..

Her little toes..

(the arrow in the left pic. right pic’s little blur)

Her clinched fist..

Diameter of her head..

(yes, the ‘stuff’ inside’s the brains)

The mysterious kidneys

(can you spot it?)


The umbilical cord

(it’s a cross-section view of her abdomen)

The left lung

(if i recall correctly)

and..her heartbeat!

and finally..proof that she’s a SHE…

The 3 white lines at the arrows…

(go figure)

and finally, presenting little Elisa Junior….

Will try to upload some videos next to see her movements!

The Preggie In Week 23

It’s been tough weeks…

Especially with the horrible horrible backache!!!
The only cure for that so far is to lie down flat on my back.
But for some funny reason, when I do so, I get heart palpitation!
But that’s by any measure, better than an aching back.

Different ones have different explaination to the pain.. growing belly and growing b*ahem* =)
But oh well.. Pray it goes away soon. Docs cant seem to do anything abt it either.

Had some funny ab pain the other day up in Frasers. Lasted few days. Started right after a night’s game of Risk. Hmmm must be triggered by the excitement! Afraid it was UTI, But it’s gone now. After the scan yesterday, found out that baby’s butt is right there. So maybe she’s doing some moves there.. hehe

Other than that, am quite glad all is ok.

Put on 3 kg since last visit. I’m 62kg now!! GOSH! and baby’s only apprx 400g!

Some delightful stuff in the past few weeks..
Baby’s kicking! Most active about midnight! and right now, as I’m typing.
Realised that she reacts to her daddy’s voice… How sweet… =)

There was a day that we actually SAW the kicks. The belly moved as tho being punched! Was beautiful! =)

Oh, I’m actually feeling guilty when I don’t take healthy food! =) What a 360′ change!

Trying to keep my posts short.. but looks like i’m too cheong hei.

It’s a……..


Yeah, we were secretly expecting a boy.. for different reasons.. =)

Went for check up yesterday and did a 3D/4D scan. The scan’s objective is to check for anormalities. But to be honest, ours was purely for the experience and to see baby’s face! =)¬†You can read more here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/3D_ultrasound

It’s cool. We got to see baby’s movement, cross section of the belly, KIDNEYS! (tho it was a tough one to spot), brains, her little toes & fingers and even her nostrils! =)

Btw, baby’s as normal as normal can be, if you’re wondering.

Ohhh we’ve got a CD of the entire scan. Will try to put it up… as i’ve tried with the earlier scans *wink*