I’m not a big fan of pink (AT ALL!), but these are superrrrrr cute!

Little Liesl’s gifts from her aunty Su Su in HK! Tho it’ll be a few months before she can fit int any of these! =)

Thanks Su Lin!! muaks!


The Week 33 Drama

I woke up this morning wondering if baby’s arriving early. Got to QHC (where I’ll be delivering) by 7.30am, only to receive an SMS from Ju (my pregnant colleague) that she too had a false alarm.

So to cut the 3 hours drama short, it’s a false alarm. I’ll spare you the details and me the embarrassment. =)

Anyways, I was due for a check up today. Doc & nurses checked and say all is well. Baby’s heartbeat, water level, position, and the mummy is all as per normal! Baby is 2.2kg now (put on 0.5kg) and I put on 1 kg since my last visit 2 weeks ago.

The morning drama got Avin & I a little panicky, considering baby clothes are still unwashed and the cot is still in pieces. Felt like my ‘nightmare’ nearly came true. For those who have not heard, about a month ago, I had this crazy dream that my delivery went so well and I was so happy that I wanted to leave the hospital….without the baby! And when the nurses brought the baby to me, the poor girl was in some singlet and shorts. WHY? Cuz her dear mummy didnt bring any baby clothes, blanket or pampers! =)

So, 7 weeks to go and for some reason my to-go list is GROWING! Some key things still left undone:

1. Wash baby’s clothes & new nappies

2. Fix baby cot

3. Fix mosquito netting and lights in the room

4. Pack mummy & baby bag… eventually

5. Decide on which urut lady I’ll be using, or rather who would be willing to come all the way to Klang!

Since Raya, we manage to get sommme things done, at least! Not as many as I’d hoped tho.

1. Baby wardrobe is up!

2. Lamps are up, tho without bulb

3. Room’s arranged. Kinda, with the big items in place.

4. Maternity bajus washed.

5. TV in the room, is all ready for my two months maternity! =)

So, 7 weeks or less and 14 items to go!

What’s in a Name?

It’s 99% confirmed…

We wanted something western-chinese-indian


This little one will be called:


(pronounced as lee-zel may)


What does it mean?

LIESL ~ God’s Promise /  Consecrated to God (same meaning as Elisa)

MAE ~  Rose/Beautiful (westernised version of the Chinese name Mei)

AVIN ~ daddy’s name..

Blessings & Gifts

Not something Avin & I  commonly do, but seems like this little girl is getting quite a bit of attention from our friends and family. =)  (*which makes us wonder how soon we should have a 2nd one before she gets totally spoilt!)

She received her very first gift on 1 Oct (at -2 months old!) from Mrs Kok, Avin’s classmate’s mum – Fisher Price Baby Playzone Kick & Whirl Carnival! Loverly! Comes with songs and colorful toys! Thanks Mrs Kok! Here’s a pic of it:

For those who’ve asked and wishes to bless us, we thank you in advance.

To simplify shopping, here are some items that would be lovely for the girl..

1) Any educational toys/books

2) Any girlie bajus (pref for 2 months and above. Since anything before that is basically unisex and i’ve tonnes of that from my nephew)

3) Jusco vouchers – These vouchers will go into her “bigger items fund” eg high chair, an additional cot (maybe), baby monitor, safety gate, stroller, walker, etc.  These are practical for us. Except you can’t pin-point to one item and tell her “Aunty/Uncle bought this for u…” =)

If you want ideas accessible from home, I find these sites extremely helpful, though I must say their normal priced items are slightly higher than shopping centres- or

Again, for those who’ve asked, thank you loads in advance. God is good to bless us through you guys. May you be blest as well!

p/s: For those who support “HOT MAMA” movement, like my dear friend Uncle Chong (ahem!), who believes that every mother should have Halle Berry’s body, slimming vouchers would make a great gift! hehehhe

8 more weeks to go!

Scary thoughts.. but exciting at the same time!

Been having funny dreams and super fast heartbeat (up to 120bpm!). And all my doc can tell me is that i’m having sudden anxiety attack! (ouch to my ego!)

Baby’s fine after yesterday’s check-up. She’s about 1.75kg now and I’ve put on more than 10 kg!! So, it’s about time I stop updating you on my weight. =)

Avin & I had a very fruitful Raya. Did some shopping for the little girl from Ikea: (SPOILT!)

Baby's Chest of Drawer

Chest of Drawer for her clothes in the room upstairs

Drawer Organiser for small stuffDrawer Organiser for small stuff like pins, lotions etc

For stuff next to the cot
For diapers, nappies etc next to the cot downstairs
Her very own Laundry Bag! (so that my clothes stay un-pooed and un-peeed!)

Her very own Laundry Bag! (so that my clothes stay un-pooed and un-peeed!)

AND . some ‘luxury’ items for the mummy after 9 months of hardwork and the many more years to come.

<no pics. u’ll have to visit my room to see it for yourself!>

Did a list of what else we’ve left to do:

1) Final baby shopping for some small stuff

2) Set up room for us & baby (btw, we’re moving in with my in-laws in Klang)

3) Wash baby clothes

4) Transfer some books, baby care articles, MOVIES, and clothes from USJ to Klang (we’ll still be keeping the room in USJ).

5) Pack mummy & baby bag for delivery

6) Call urut lady

That should be all, I hope.

Oh, Took a break from my MBA classes. So, at least I’ve some free saturdays before baby comes. =)

So, 8 weeks to go. How exciting!