Tomorrow, tomorrow?

9 months of pregnancy is NOTHING….

in comparison to the 7 final days of waiting!!!!


Have been on early maternity leave since last Tuesday , 25th Nov – no thanks to kiasu-ism..calculating my leave to the dot. Did you know that 60 maternity days includes PH & Weekends?!! It doesn’t help there’s 4 PH in Dec & 3 in Jan! Oh well oh well.. (p.s.: Spore mums get 120 days!)


So here’s what I’ve been doing the whole week..

Tues – surfing, gaming, fixed the toilet flush and waiting

Wed – cleaned room, surfing, gaming & waiting

Thurs – ironed clothes, BAD diarrhea, surfing, gaming & still waiting.. oh and checkup (baby’s 3.3 kg..all’s well, as always)

Fri – had really good kaya & butter on steam bread for breakie, spent the day watching NCIS with Avin.. and oh, did i mention – WAITING?

Sat – More movies on the comp! and getting tired of waiting…


So yeah.. that pretty much sums up the first 5 days of my maternity leave! Oh course, my wedding photos compilation project is getting on pretty well. Almost completed! So there’ll be nice albums awaiting those dropping in. Tho I must say you’d probably be more interested in Liesl than the two of us! =)


Been having periodic cramps/contraction feeling. But it’s so irregular that it doesn’t count for any excitement!


Also realised this week that I don’t really know how contractions should feel like.. My sis after her 4 kids tells me she’s STILL not too sure! Oh well..


It’s great to know that I’m not the only one impatiently anticipating this little one. I’ve had at least one person asking me each day if I’ve popped! The attention babies get!


Am feeling heavier now. Can barely get up from the bed/chair each time! Have also learnt to ignore the fake toilet calls in middle of the night, allowing me to sleep through most of the hours!


And of course, needless to say, I’ve been SLEEPING IN!! The best part of the entire week! =)


So yes, 1 Dec is ONE DAY away! Pray she comes today or tomorrow!! And pray I’ll be able to identify the contractions!! =)


An oh, if you’re wondering, YES, the room in Klang is ready for her already….


Waiting impatiently……..



ELISA! Would you like to deliver tonight?!”

That’s Dr Ng’s first question as we step into his consultation room. =)


Almost immediately, thoughts of all things undone in office and her room clouded my mind! =)

So, looks like the actual answer it’s a ‘NO’ then!



Liesl-Mae’s weighing at 3kg / 6.6 lbs now. Doc says she seems small for the size of my tummy!! Big hints on the layers of fats protecting her now.

Her head is in the right position – ON MY BLADDER! or at least it feels like that most of the time!

Oh, doc asked to count her movements – at least 10 per 12 hours!



Some stuff we accomplished:

1. Let there be light!

Finally fixed the floor & ceiling lamps and some plug points.. Lots drilling and dust! Just need to clean the room now after fixing the blinds. My dear Avin will be handling that.. *pressure* =)

By the bed..


By the sofa..


Above the bed.. :

Didnt turn out as nice as we wanted tho.. 😦



2. Filed the pile!

Managed to sort and file the many many articles printed on baby care, labor, and breastfeeding tips over the past few months.


3. Stored away!

Since my gatal-shopping days at Week 36… I FINALLY went shopping on Monday! Not for baby, but more for me, me and me! Here’s some storage boxes I got for my stuff in Klang ..



4. Bagged!

All my bags are packed… I’m ready to go.. literally!


5. Cravings Satisfied..

Funnily enough that at the end of my pregnancy, I’m having symptoms of 1st trimester preggers – no backache , but lots of cravings! Here’s what I’ve sinfully fed myself with over the past 1 week!





– Sis and family will be around after my delivery!

– My darling nephew (the one I helped look after in his first 2 years) scored well for his Form 1 exam! 5th in class and upgraded to a better class – 2 steps up! Well done, Jon! *hugz*

– Results for my last 2 MBA papers finally out! Happy with it, tho as usual, wished it was better!

– Open doors for Avin’s business!



1. Venison Pie @ Out of Africa! yummmyy… planned for next Tues dinner!

2. Photoshoot with Nika this Sunday of the pregger.. a first time for both of us!

3. Compiling Xmas songs! I strongly recommend Mia Palencia- Double Take. Support local artists!

4. and….. WORK WORK WORK! Final work week next week, if baby’s not out yet! So, gotta get stuff and the team moving for next  year before my early maternity leave starts on24th/25th!


Week 36 – the last of the pre-term

After this week, baby will be considered all healthy and ready to go… come, I mean.

Now, at Week 36, this is how I’m feeling:

  • perpetually tired & sleepy
  • dread having to get up and WALK!
  • cuz the soles of both my feet hurts like mad
  • right leg is 1.5 size of my left! (can’t see my ankles anymore!)
  • needing to go to the loo a minute after I just left it!
  • Liesl-Mae growing faster than my tummy, hence the yucky stretch marks!
  • Not wanting to bother about the unfixed cot as baby will be sleeping with me =)
  • itching to do more shopping – for ME!!!! now that I’ve completed my baby to-do list.
  • and of course… looking out closely for signs of labor already! & MATERNITY!



Some interesting stuff I found out in the past two weeks:

  • Baby passport
    • Cost RM150
    • She gets her own passport
    • Valid for 5  years
    • At 2y.o. we need to update her photo, at no charge.
  • Baby birth cert
    • We have 14 days to kau tim this, I suppose for those who can’t decide on baby’s name
    • Need a photocopy of our ICs and marriage cert!
  • Baby Insurance
    • It is more difficult to get insurance for babies born pre-term, ie Week 36 and before, regardless how healthy they are!
    • Children age 0-5 are considered as being in a high risk stage to insurance companies.



Some updates from visit to the doc:

  • Liesl-Mae weighing at 2.75 kg, approx 6lbs
  • She’s s at a good size
  • I hear, most babies at 3.5 kgs will need to be delivered through C-section. So pray baby doesnt get too big!
  • Mummy’s good and weighing 1 kg extra from 2 weeks ago.
  • Total weight increase: approx 13kg!

So.. any time now!! How’s exciting and scary!