Is it just me?

Is it just me or is it true that..


  • wearing diapers is not as easy as it seems.. cuz it leaks all the time!
  • PAMPERS is a horrible brand! It leaks & it tag’s made of hard plastic that scratches baby’s skin!
  • sometimes, you feel you’re more of a cow than a mother? =)
  • waking up countless times in the night is done with a smile rather than a frown
  • you still feel awake the next day despite the VERY interrupted sleep
  • you feel silly-ish proud that your 3 month old baby did not cry at her vaccination appointments
  • you drive a tad bit faster that usual when going home from work
  • when deciding how long you’ll be out without the baby, the deciding factor relies on the milk supply in the fridge
  • you feel super pressured & sad when milk supply drops!
  • baby bath time is not about being clean, it’s about balance & having fun!
  • it’s sooo difficult to decide between joining the gym to have a chun body AND to spend time with baby & have a tummy! =)
  • you can’t wait to have the next one and experience pregnancy and the joy of a newborn all over again!?

It’s not just me. It is true that babies are a BUNDLE OF JOY & BLESSING!


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