Bald & Beautiful

It is a tradition in some cultures to have a baby’s head shaved at 1 month! Apparently, it’ll help the hair grow thicker and stronger. I’ll write more on this myth/fact later..


Initially, Avin & I were reluctant to comply as we thought Liesl had beautiful hair! But as the months passed, she was sweating so much, causing rashes, we thought perhaps this may be good for her. Though very very reluctantly.


So there you go – the journey of the bold parents and their bald & beautiful (perasan) baby!



Best hair day for the last 5 months, I must say…

Liesl-Mae Avin (22 May) 1334Liesl-Mae Avin (22 May) 1343


Earlier in the week, my in laws surveyed the housing area and found a barber from India in one of the shops nearby. Since this is an Indian tradition, we thought someone from the land would be the best candidate for this daunting task. We were sooo wrong!


Here’s the barber. I insisted that daddy must hold baby cause I’ll be too heart broken to hold her. Think I would have just held her and ran out of the shop! =)

Liesl-Mae Avin (22 May) 1371

She was quiet.. and looking funny (like einstein!).  He used a razor to get rid of the long BEAUTIFUL hair..

Liesl-Mae Avin (22 May) 1377Liesl-Mae Avin (22 May) 1375

Then it all went downhill.. she was crying and screaming.. there were tears! If she could talk, I’m sure she was scolding the barber! Instead, she blew bubbles in protest!

And Avin & I almost cried seeing her tears and pitiful face!

Liesl-Mae Avin (22 May) 1381Liesl-Mae Avin (22 May) 1390

Our attempts to distract her.. in vain!

Liesl-Mae Avin (22 May) 1388



Yes, I walked out of the shop with her!

Liesl-Mae Avin (22 May) 1396Liesl-Mae Avin (22 May) 1418

 Finishing touches!

Liesl-Mae Avin (22 May) 1402

Finally it’s over. Poor girl, there were cuts on her head! I was soooooo upset with the barber!What made it worse was he said the cuts was because there were pimples on her head!! PIMPLES on a 5 month old?!!! PIMPLESS!!!! What’s wrong with him?!! I should have punched him and gave him a huge pimple on his face!!!!



Here’s some flour thingy we put on her head as antiseptic.. Cant remember what exactly that is. Just add some water and it becomes paste-y. Apply it on her head, it will dry off within the hour.

Liesl-Mae Avin (22 May) 1447Liesl-Mae Avin (22 May) 1430


Though I hated the process and the entire idea of going bald, I’m must say I kinda like her new look – Sexy! =))

Liesl-Mae Avin (22 May) 1593Liesl-Mae Avin (22 May) 1596

Liesl-Mae Avin (22 May) 1485Liesl-Mae Avin (22 May) 1483Liesl-Mae Avin (22 May) 1640


Thank God her hair is growing fast!

Liesl-Mae Avin (22 May) 1671Liesl-Mae Avin (22 May) 1661Liesl-Mae Avin (22 May) 1657


And here’s with Uncle Leroy.. Aww guess we know who looks sexier bald!!

Liesl-Mae Avin (22 May) 1630

Can’t wait for her hair to grow again!


p/s: I, Elisa Dass, promise I will never ever ever let Liesl-Mae Avin or any of my other children go through the torture again!