I’ve NEVER seen anything like this before!

WARNING: Not for the faint-hearted.

The past two days have been significant. The litlle baby started crawling, holding her own bottle, new screaming style, & poohing in her potty!!

I thought today would be MY significant day to bring her to the potty to pooh!

Of all days, I started her on banana puree for lunch!  To my surprise, baby Liesl took almost 1 whole pureed banana, mixed with breastmilk! (Quite yummy, btw)

2pm passed. So did her usual ‘pangsai’ time. Poohpooh time, that is.. But today, no pooh, just lots of poooots!!

With each poot, I placed her at her potty..



” Is it here yettt?”


“False alarm!!Back to play!”


Thennnnn it happened! 6pm.

I heard a poot… shrugged it off as another false alarm. But a mummy’s nose never lies!! So I rushed her to the potty, hoping she would pooh in her potty..

but nooooooooo… my little girl is more of a rascal than I thought (or was!)

She poohed in (and out of)  her nappy & not in her potty!& oh gosh.. it was nassssttyyy!

The little ‘extrason the siding!


The real thing!


The close up..

I’ve never seen anything like this before! Super duper gross!

Her pooh had black stuff all over! At a glance, it looked like worms!

For a while there, I thought that’s probably a result of deworming, literally!


I had to sit her in her tub to get it allllll out and her cleaned!IMG_1823

Just as I thought it was all over, it happened again! 8pm – Round 2 of banana pooh!! Not as pasty.. Looked more like blended spinach! But the black wormy stuff was still all over!

Yes, I stared at it for a good 10 seconds just to make sure it ain’t wiggling!


Phew… what a saturday!

So howww do you get  this soiled nappy cleaned  without getting your hands dirty?!

Here’s some tips:

1) Wear gloves/plastic bags!

2) Leave it on the floor & spray…& pick it up by the clean corner..

3) Throw the entire nappy away!

4) Leave it to your maid!

5) Or those privileged like me, holler for your mother in law! =))

What did I do?

No, not #5! Well, living up to my kampung-ness, where little girls catches fish in the drain & eats chicken pooh (i wont name names…!), I dutifully washed it with my barehands!

I ended up using loadds of hand soap before I serve my darling husband a nice cup of tea!

An interesting Saturday, indeed!


2 Responses

  1. EEEWWWW!!!! Mommy you are gross!!! Terrible of you to put embarrass me like this. Am going to sue you for publishing “porn” pix of me!!!….haahahah…if only princess can talk.

  2. Oh.. that is so gross….!!! :S

    (Btw, you might not want her to eat purple dragonfruit anytime soon. Hahahaha!)

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