Weekend in Malacca (June 09)

yes yes,  yet another long overdue post.. this is gonna be the trend from now on.. (so I feel less guilty about blogging infrequently)..

Almost an impromptu trip in June, my friend Sat in Singapore & I just thought we both need a good break.

So together with the two babies (Liesl & Fayth) & 2 kids (Avin & Ivan), we mummies packed our bags and headed to Malacca.

Ok that’s a bit drama. Of course there’s the whole booking hotel etc thingy…

So anyways, we left on Sat morning. Liesl travelled down south and Fayth travelled up north for a 2 days play date!

Upon arrival, the adults were starving, so where else but the good ol’ Chicken Rice Ball for lunch. While we ate, the kiddos got acquainted. All four of them.

June 091

Checked in to Legacy Hotel after lunch. Lepaked in the room & watch the gals crawl around. Fayth, 3 months older than Liesl was EXTREMELY fast on her fours! Amazingly cute too with her huge concerned eyes that always seems to say “i feel you” =)

And our dear Liesl had to officiate the room by spitting up after a crawl race. =)


After we all took a nap, the gals went for a swim. Liesl seems to be so fearless in the water. Wading on her own from one corner to another. So a month later, Avin and I bought her a float… but yet to use it.

June 092

After the swim and some nonya food for dinner, we all had a goood rest.

And here’s the next morning after the girls got acquainted and saying goodbye at breakfast table. (where Liesl broke a plate and spilled precious omellete!

June 093

Bye bye Fayth, bye bye Malacca!


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